How to combat enlarged pores

There are many things you should keep in mind if you want healthy looking skin. If you have oily skin then it is imperative that you follow the given advices to the dot. Unknowingly many things in your routine may be having adverse effects on your skin.
Bar soaps have ingredients that in their solid form can clog your pores. You should try to avoid products that are overly thick or greasy. Instead of a bar soap you should use gentle water soluble cleansers and when you use products that are harshly drying, they actually make your oiliness worse. You should also stop using scrubs and cleansing brushes that have stiff bristles. Blackheads can’t be scrub away and the harshness of the brush will make your skin dry and flaky creating more dead skin that will just add to your problems. If you use make-up never go to bed without thoroughly and gently washing it off. If you don’t remove your makeup before bed it can seriously clog up your pores and seal in all the pollutants that your skin faced over the course of your day.
BHA is an excellent tool to combat dead skin cells and one of the best pore minimizers that can be found at Using completely non-abrasive, leave-on salicylic acid (BHA) liquid can shed all the build-up dead skin on the surface of your face which would’ve gathered in your pore stretching it out and forming a blackhead. What makes BHA the best is the fact that it can exfoliate inside your pore helping your pores return to its regular size and allow for better oil flow. BHA shows results after the very first try.