How to Stay Healthy


If you should be not feeling well or have a personal injury, we’d prefer to see you in Health Services sooner rather than later. The registered nurses in Health Services focus on assisting you feel better quickly and can assist you to discover the abilities to stay feeling better.


Health Services is devoted to promoting student wellness.

Training and health information is open to you on-campus as well as in The Services Department.

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Search for medical applications from several external companies, backed by Health Services, within the Packet Bar from noon to 1 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Grenada has some great health centers learn more about them and Poligrafo.


University life can be quite stressful. The important thing will be to discover the abilities to handle stress that you experienced and also to enhance your coping skills.Learn more about psychological wellness and stress management MCC’s Counseling Department.