Black and Green Tea: Which one to Choose?

When deciding which tea is your favorite aside from the main 2 types of teas black and green. There are many different types that you should try.

White tea which is uncured and unfermented. It was recognized as the type of tea with the highest potency of anticancer properties when compared to more processed teas. Then are is oolong tea, studies have shown that the antioxidants from oolong tea have a lower level of bad cholesterol. It is widely advertised for its weight losing properties. Moreover, Pu-erh tea is made from fermented and aged tea leaves. It is also considered black tea, it’s leaves are pressed into cakes. Studies show that pu-erh tea lessens weight again and reduces LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol which is known for its contribution in the accumulation of fats in the blood vessels.

There are also herbal teas made from herbs, fruits, seeds or roots which are steeped into hot water. Herbal teas have lower antioxidants when compared to green, white, black and oolong teas but the chemical composition of these teas changes depending on ingredients used. Herbal teas are known from their ability to help lose weight, help fight colds and bring restful sleep. Some examples of healthy herbals teas are Chamomile, Echinacea, Hibiscus and Rooibos (red tea) which help prevent diabetes, vision loss, nerve and kidney damage, and halts the growth of cancerous cells.


Recovering from drug addiction

The fact of the matter is that completing a program at a rehabilitation facility like alcohol rehab in Florida rehab is not enough. Recovery from the demons of drug abuse and addiction will not just finish here.  For most individuals it can be a process requiring lifelong struggle. This path of lifelong recovery may at times feel easy but at other times it can be extremely difficult to abstain from going back to the previous ‘high’ life. Some with sheer will power and motivation resist this temptation but others may find it hard. Even strong people can relapse back into drug abuse, as this is a journey with a varying terrain. So for that matter, it is important to have a lifelong support.

After successfully completing a treatment program, the patients must meet up with counselors to talk about an after care plan. Follow ups are usually a part of many rehab centers to make sure that the patients are doing well. The patients may even be required at times to stay at rehab centers on weekends if it is deemed necessary. The aftercare plan is designed to give the patients a support in their transition to a normal life. They may be required to attend groups meetings, work outside and perform chores. This will make the transition smoother and easier.

The life post-rehab can be a challenging and daunting one. No matter, what other people may do for you or offer to do for you, you are the captain of your own ship. It will only be through your own perseverance and commitment to lead a normal healthy life that you can keep the demon of drug abuse at bay.



Supplement to Improve your sex life

If you are having issues with your sexual performance, do not distress; you are not alone. Everyone faces problems in their sex life at one time or another. This decline in sexual performance can leave your feeling emasculated and embarrassed. It can not only hurt your self-esteem but can even cause problems in your relationship with your partner. There are a myriad of reasons for why this can happen. In some of the cases it may be due to medical conditions or issues but not everyone needs to go through medical treatments. This decline in your sexual performance can be remedied by other means like natural sexual health supplements that can improve your sex life.

 Staminon, is claimed to be a great example of such a natural dietary supplement. It is said to contain natural ingredients that will help you with your sexual performance without undesired side effects. Although, the basics to improve your sex life is changing unhealthy diets and making positive lifestyle changes, Staminon is claimed to help augment those efforts. Moreover, these Male enhancement pills are even said to help you yield effective results in a reasonable time frame.

Other benefits

Other than increasing your stamina, Staminon is purported to offer other great benefits. It claims to improve the girth and length of your penis, boost sexual endurance, elevate your sexual experience by enhancing penile sensitivity and increase libido. It is said to help you improve the level of testosterone in the body causing you to gain muscles with much more ease.


Hepatitis c treatment specialist insights

Beside many deadly diseases, Hepatitis C is one of them. Hepatitis C is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Hepatitis C damages the liver. The infection is caused in the liver due to the virus. About 3.5 million American people have been diagnosed with hepatitis C and 17,000 people get into this deadly disease each year. If this disease is not treated on time, then it can be deadly.

This disease can be transferred from one man to another man. The transformation of this disease is very easy just because of its viral attributes. The most common way by which this disease spread is by sharing the things of an infected people. This includes the needles, injections and other used items by the Hepatitis C patient. Most of the time we see that a health worker who is engaged in curing the hepatitis of another person get himself this disease. He accidently touches the needle which is used by a Hepatitis C and after that he can himself get in this disease. Hepatitis C can be spread if you use the shaving products which are previously used by the patients.

It’s quite a rare but still a possibility is there. Every hospital now has hepatitis c treatment specialist. These specialists take care of the patients very carefully. They are equipped with the latest techniques and they wear special masks to get themselves protected. Doctors who have specialization in liver and stomach can also deal the hepatitis C patients.


Best rated drip coffee makers

For buying a new product one should be known of its repute in the public. Similarly, is the case with the coffee makers. A huge number of coffee makers are present in the market which make the users more confuse. The choice of the user depends on the rating of that product.

Likewise, many drip coffee makers make their name in the list of best rated drip coffee makers. BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer manages to get on the top of the list due to its amazing working. This drip coffee maker comes with a 1 warmer. Further this coffee maker is made up of stainless steel which means that the body of the coffee maker cannot be rusted. This drip coffee maker is Completely portable which means that the coffee brewer requires no plumbing.

Next on the list is Xshuai BSD02 Velocity by haier. This is an amazing production by haier. The sizes of this model varies and can be purchased by keeping in view the requirement. The smallest size can even serve up to 5 cups of tasty coffee in one go. This drip coffee maker by haier comes in a shiny jet black color which has increased its ratings. It also has a hot plate on its base this warmer plate keeps the coffee hot at the firm 170° ideal temperature. This amazing function always allow you to enjoy warm and a delicious coffee anytime.

So these were the highest rated drip coffee makers in the present market.



Does getting braces hurt?

All kinds of dental treatments are painful. When you have to get a root canal with different types of screws and tools; it feels painful. Even when your jaws are numb during all kinds of dental procedures, you may feel pain after the effects of anesthesia are over. The pain is expected to last for around a week, but if the pain is not relieved, then you must consult your orthodontist.

Putting on the braces takes an hour or so. It may be an unpleasant procedure with lots of unwanted sounds and whiz. The arch wires are unpleasant to look at before installation, but they are the ones that help the teeth to straighten. Once the procedure is over, your face and jaws will be sore for a while. Some patients’ say that the pain is easy to deal with the medicines prescribed by the orthodontist. On the other hand, some say that it is not the pain but the annoyance that bothers them. You can read more at this link about the details of the procedure and the expenses of getting braces. It is based in Singapore and a great company.

do braces hurt

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all the pain is only in your head. It is your willpower that will keep you strong enough to fight the pain and get over it as soon as possible. There are a few precautions that might help you relieve the pain or soothe it to some extent. Some of them are:

  • Try eating soft foods, in the beginning, so you do not have to chew hard and put pressure on the braces.
  • Take painkillers as prescribed by the orthodontist, but do not take more than the recommended dosage.
  • Avoid the drinks that are acidic; such as orange juice or tomato juice.
  • In the case of mouth sore, so not use your fingers or tongue to touch them. It is always better to use oral anesthetics to a cup of water with a pinch of salt.

Braces do hurt, but there are solutions to it.


Top 5 Vitamin B5 foods


Vitamin B5 holds a special place in promoting the health of an individual. It has a number of uses. The best thing about vitamin B5 is that it is a water soluble vitamin which can be found in a number of food items. It plays a major role in improving the metabolism and energy producing chemical reactions. Vitamin B5 also works on the hormones of the body and the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Here are the top 5 food items that are rich in vitamin B5 of which pantothenic acid is one. You can add these food items in your daily life to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the body.

  1. Mushrooms

White mushrooms, grilled, brown, raw mushrooms, and oyster mushroom; all of them are the rich in vitamin B5. Many of us love mushrooms, but we did not know that it is providing us loads of nutritional benefits.

  1. Cheese

It is one of the most used dairy products in the younger generation. Feta, Camembert, blue cheese and Roquefort, all can be added to your routine diet plan to avoid vitamin B5 deficiency.

  1. Fish

In some parts of the word, fish is only eaten in the winter season, but people do not know how beneficial it can be if you eat fish in all seasons. Salmon, one and trout all are rich sources of vitamin B5.

  1. Avocados

Avocados are really delicious, and they are rich in vitamin B5 also. So, there is no way you can refuse eating avocados.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are known for their richness in calcium and proteins, but they are also rich in vitamin B5. Not only chicken eggs but eggs of other birds like goose, duck, and turkey have the same nutritional value.

As Vitamin B5 is water soluble so there is nothing to worry about overdose,  however excess of everything is bad which is why you must consult a doctor before you add too much of vitamin B5 in your diet.


Must – Follow Tips for Slim Legs and Thighs

slim legs

Having nicely shaped and slim legs requires more than doing a few simple exercises. You have to take care of several aspects. One of them is adopting a healthy eating habits, so you could get rid of body fat. A healthy diet consist of frequent but small meals (5 meals per day), well – balanced in nutrients, but low in calories. Such eating habit will keep your blood sugar levels in control and it will help your to get slimmer and cellulite free.

At about 18% of body fat your thighs will start to get slimmer. However, it is important to take into consideration the body type you have; endomorphic, ectomorphic or mesomorphic one, because that will also have an impact on how much you actually can slim down.

Another habit that you should definitely include in your daily routine is exercise. And that is the winning combination for slim legs and thighs. Make sure to balance those two aspects and get ready to enjoy wearing shorts and skinny jeans.

In the end, do not forget to be patient and not to give up. Stick to the plan and be persistent. Results will come for sure, but you cannot expect an over – night change. Always stay focused and remember that the choice is yours. Check out a test of your determination and find out how good you are at staying on course and not giving up until you reach the goal.

Must – follow Tips

  1. Balanced Nutrition
  1. Frequent and small meals.
  2. Low – carb diet
  3. Calculate your daily caloric requirements.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is recommended 5 times a week to slim down leg muscles, gain a good shape and eliminate cellulite. It should consist of the aerobic exercise (30 to 45 minutes/moderate intensity) and interval training that can be included on alternate days. The best way to get rid of fat is to go for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which can be balanced with circuit training for even better results. However, if your legs are already too muscular, skip interval training and try long duration cardio which will melt down fat and tone up a bit your leg muscles. Women who have the mesomorphic body type usually fit into the category of those who do not need to muscle up legs since they already have them and an increase in mass would only make them look bulky.

The most beneficial workouts that target leg muscles increase as well as fat burning are jogging, power walking, in – line skating, step machine, spinning or aerobic classes. You may consider increasing the difficulty if you are already practicing cardio, as well as adding the interval training.